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"Tokoname. A Cultural Guide"

On the 28th April at The INAX Tile Museum saw the celebration of the launching of a publication in English called "Tokoname. A Cultural Guide" It is a publication that covers the hostory and traditions of Tokoname, one of Japan`s Six Ancient Kilns and a place where I spent 10 years of my life. Incidentally, Bernard leach visited the place but unfortunately no mention is made of it in the guide. I guess he wasn`t impressed with all those chimneys bellowing smoke and mass producing "dokan". The publication also has an extensive section covering potters though it is a pity that other artists have been left out. The other curious thing about the guide is a section dedicated to the airport. It is the first time that I know of where an airport forms part of a "culture" I would have thought that "la gastronomia", the temples, folklore, even the local brew not to mention music etc. Yet we get  to read about the airport. In reality I do believe that ceramics is no longer an important part of Tokoname and there is alot of hype about it in order to sell Tokoname to the punters. If people really cared about pottery in Tokoname alot more would and could be done-but try and see what you will come up with. Long Live Tokoname. The guide has been produced by an NPO group called TOKO.


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