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Documenting Japanese Ceramics


It is difficult for  most foreign potters trying to get information about Japanese ceramics to get down to the basics because  we don`t read kanji. Here is something that might help. I wish I could acknowledge the person who gave this information which I found surfing!


Primary documentary sources specifically on the topic of ceramics are rare. One
interesting exception is the Morita Kyemon nikki or Diary of Morita Kyemon, a
Tosa potter who kept a record of his journey to Edo and back from the Seventh
Month of 1678 to the Sixth Month of 1679. The diary is the subject of volume 5
of Ty tji (1975-1978), which contains an interpretation of Morita's diary as
well as articles on the kilns visited by him in Kyoto, Shigaraki, Seto, and
other prominent ceramic locations. As a contemporary representation of ceramic
industries written by an actual producer, it is a significant piece of
evidence.10 Most other primary sources dealing expressly with ceramics are found
at the local or prefectural level.


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