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Kick Wheel

Kick wheels are the main source of locomotion in getting pots formed here in India amongst Studio Potters. Electric wheels are available but fall far short of those that can be found abroad. Still, the kick wheels are a step up from the way pots are thrown in South India. There the wheel is of the momentum type and it is usually the potter's wife who drives the wheel in motion. However, the last time I was in Puddukkotai I did note that electric wheels were being introduced with support from Craft Bodies thus freeing the women to do other types of work or not work at all. I am now busy with producing some Lustre Glazes First test results are quite promising which has led us to prepare pieces for a proper firing. It is easy to take so many things for granted coming from abroad. You set up the cylinder for firing only to find a huge leak at the pressure valve. Attempt is made at repairing it only leading to the plastic ring breaking. Trip has to be made to a local market which in itself turns out to be an adventure. Finally new gas regulator is purchased and firing can continue. It is adviseable to use battery operated pyrometers because the constant fluctuaaaaaations in voltage means that temperature readings can go haywire. I am also constantly made aware of the incredible importance given by Indian Studio ceramics to influences from abroad. Main reason being the lack of opportunities to study ceramics in India and theabysmal lack of access to quality mmaterials and supplies. So, until the Lustre firing on Monday it is nose to the potter's wheel.


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