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Wali Hawes Potter's Diary

Reasons for going off potting

I didn`t ever think that the day would come when I would have no interest in potting. A pssion which has been part of my life since I discovered it when I was living in Nantwich, Cheshire (UK) in the early 80`s. And to think I am in the land that is always referred to as "Potter`s Paradise". The many reasons for feeling this way may have to do with the constant criticism that one receives for one`s behaviour and the methods that I employ which is seen as colliding head on with what is considered right. What is considered right is the God Given RIGHT of any Japanese and especially if they are engaged in the Japanese arts like ikebana and the Tea Ceremony-apart from pottery of course. I can`t stomach such arrogance and when it all hinges on non-verbal communication I think foreigners are in the best position to do so seeing they don`t speak the language and so are non-verbal. Nothing inspires me and when I see the work of the same old batch of old codgers being trotted out yet again then I can only throw my hands up in disbelief. Still, I need to get back into the studio to prepare a piece for the Fuji Bienal which is being organized by The Nakatomi Museum in Yamanashi-ken.


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