Wali Hawes 1952 - 2014
                          pottery and more!

Wali Hawes Potter's Diary

ABC News

                                            Abortion for and against

                                           Congress partial births

                                           Opponents baby murder

                                           Heat & Power shameful

                                           Postpone Mass-Health

                                           And Human also


                                          Advance on Bhagdad dead

                                          Civilians flow to ceasefire

                                          Discussion 14/40 cooks well

                                          Millions of tourists p:eased

                                          SStill selling nuclear

                                          Marines attack each

                                          Peer and talk

                                         You have won a Purple Heart buddy

                                         Saddam Hussein

                                        Continuing Violence Ball

                                        Blitz Land seen

                                       And air

                                      15th Day rocket mass murder

                                      Hopefully we showed

                                      Mercy and compassion

                                      Only the Americans

                                          ABC News

                                           Thank You


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