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A Visit to a Japanese Hospital

It is now just over a month since I got back after four months in India. I did get the dreaded Delhi Belhi but with treatment from a local GP got over the worst which were the runs. It was the first time in my life that I did not need to use my tackle as all of it came out as a torrent out the back. Anyway, I get back to Japan because the whole experience knocked the stuffing out of me and took the wind out of my sails and left me feeling that I was just hanging about. Getting back didn`t help terribly because I felt like doing bugger all and a persistant cough plauged me throughout and dogged my every move till in the end I decided to visit the local hospital. We got there around 4pm but was told that the Out-Patients was closed. OK We`ll come tomorrow. In the meantime I explained what my problem was emphasising  that I had just got back from India and what I had maybe highly contagious. I was told to wait and yes we could be seen to. A nurse came out handed me a thermometer and told me to stick in under my arm. She disappeared while we sat in the waiting room. Presently the thermometer went "pipipipipip". A few minutes later the nurse came out took a look at the thermometer and directed me to a place where my blood pressure could be taken. She disappeared while I faced a contraption with direction in Japanese. I stuck my arm through the devive and followed the drawings. Pressed a button and the whole thing whirred into action. After a short while it stopped and a printout curled out of a crevice with all the details. I took this to a window and handed it to a person behind the glass. A short while later another nurse appeared and asked me to stick my finger into a device. She took a reading and disappered. After about ten minutes we were shown into the surgery and the doctor interviewd me. After such questions as my height and weight I was asked to lie down and a stetescope placed on my stomach. I had explained the health problems I had had in Delhi and the persistant cough that plagued me especially the problem with the knob of phelgm that kept forming. It was decided that several more tests were required. I was taken into the ward and asked to drop my pants. I lay on the bed while a gloved nurse inserted a probe up my backside and withdrew a specimen to be analysed. A blood sample was taken and then I was put on a drip feed. After about half an hour the analysis were done. I was told to cut down on the alcohol but everything else was fine. I was given some medication for the cough. A week later it has all but cleared up and I am left amazed by the efficency of the Japanese Health System! 


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