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Kumano-san`s Cabin

There I was bent over a hot brush sruggling hard to get work decorated in time to do a firing tomorrow when a small jeep drives into the yard. Well, if it isn`t Kumano-san. Kumano-san is a retired PE teacher from Komono and has a cabin up in the hills not far from us. He is quite partial to lifting the elbow and several times over the course of the year we have been at his cabin in order to quaff and exchange banter. Well, this time an old pal from Sendai was visiting and he was wondering if perhaps we could pop `round for a bit of a sup. Always ready to oblige I promised him that once I had finished decorating the pieces needed for the firing I would most definietely drop by. It must have been about 8pm and it was already quite dark when I set out small torch in hand and a couple of bottles of beer in a small cloth bag.   By the time I got to about halfway-just before the path started uphill I had an urgent need to answer a call of nature. Wearing some traditional style Indian trousers which were tied at the waist meant I needed both hands to do the needful. I had swithed off the torch wishing to enjoy my stroll in the moonlight that bathed down. As I was halfway through I noticed a dark shadow approach me. Ah, That must be the dog who lives up in the hills and I often see running about!. I retie my trousers and by this time the `dog` has got quite close. I switch on the torch to give it a welcome. You can imagine my fright when it turned out to be a wild boar. I don`t know who was shocked more because we both bolted-but in the same direction, but seeing he had four feet he made off in next to no time leaving me standing. Naturally at Kumano`s cabin quite a few victualls were imbibed in order to calm my nerves! What was a luxury was to be served venison from deer that are found in the hills. It isn`t the first time. Once we dined on venison that was from a deer that fell into Yoshida-san`s Fishing Pond. It must have been an oji-san because it was tough! I don`t know if I am that fond of venison and to think it was often served on the table of Liege`s in the old days and if found poaching you would often pay with your life. Other titbits includes freshwater sashimi with freshly grated wasabi (none of this tube stuff!). Various licors included beer, nihon shu-from Komono, Johnnie Walker Blue Label and a homemade brew laced with "sansho"-A bit cloying for my taste. On the way back it was great to see a firefly beeping about. And remember that Confucius he say "Girl who accepts inviatation for snack in man`s apartment gets Tit Bit!."


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