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Wali in India

A surprise! Me at school a few years ago. Click the thumbnail to pop up the full size picture.

Wali Hawes at School
Now located in the former convent of Treigny Puisaye, the Association of Potters creators Puisaye was born in 1982. L’Association des Potiers Créateurs de Puisaye
The site enables anyone with an interest in the arts to register, connect with others in the borough, start groups and discussions and post links to their work. Along with the listings site www.artsinwalthamforest.com this is the next step in joining toge Waltham Forest Arts Network
If you want to know what is going on in the Argentinian Ceramic Scene then this is the place to start......... Revista Ceramica
Ascot Studios is a highly successful contemporary art gallery based in the beautiful & historic village of Ribchester, in the heart of the Ribble Valley. Established in 2005, the organization has the following aims:

to professionally represent loca
Ascot Studios
founded in 1996, the club fosters fellowshio and challenges the commercialisation and isloation of modern life. News from Nowhere Club
La cerámica actual es más experimental, expresiva y libre que nunca, pero, al mismo tiempo, retoma tradiciones milenarias. En el Taller Huara Huara nos proponemos, sin ignorar la tradición, aportar al mundo contemporáneo tanto la creación de cerámica util Taller Huara Huara
Ángel Garraza has an extensive artistic career, he has exhibited in the majority of Spanish cities and in various European countries: Germany, France, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland as well as places such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Angel Garraza
En 2011 Sara González y yo, Wladimir Vivas, creamos el blog CerámicaNova, con la finalidad de compartir artículos, contenidos, galerías de fotos, reportajes sobre eventos, exposiciones, ferias, etc; así como recopilar los últimos artículos publicados en Infoceramica
chomsky.info was originally created by Pablo Stafforini, with the purpose of celebrating Chomsky's work and encouraging activism worldwide. In December 2003, it became Noam Chomsky's official website.

We would like to thank Kendall Clark and R. R. King
Chomsky Info
The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation is a UK charity, established in 1988 with a generous benefaction from Daiwa Securities Co Ltd. The Foundation’s purpose is to support closer links between Britain and Japan. The Daiwa Foundation
If you are seeking for a togetherness of South Asian communities and or help wanted then you've come to the right place! We here at BBF are dedicated to supporting the South Asian contingent by whatever means possible. The BBF's primordial mindset is shap Bharat Bhavan
The festival is held at Aberystwyth Arts Centre on the campus of Aberystwyth University on the mid-Wales coast. Since it began in 1987 the three-day festival has grown to become the UK’s leading ceramics event.

It offers teachers, students, ceramic art
International Ceramics Festival
I started as a ceramic artist in 1965 in various workshops in Europe and Canada including a period by Bernard Leach. I was for many years doing handmade, mostly thrown pottery. At a certain point I felt a need for a more extensive expression and in I 1994 Firing Sculpture
The Council of Asian People (CAP) is a voluntary organization established in September 1981 to provide a range of services in social welfare, education and training to Asian Community in the Borough of Haringey. CAP is one of the strategic centres in Hari The Asian Centre
A journey to healing throgh Nature.

I've chosen "El Blauet", the Catalan name for the kingfisher, as years ago, one very grey winter morning, as I was driving the children to school, a kingfisher crossed our path. It was the first time I had seen one
El Blauet
My work always focuses on people and their experiences. I work on mixed media, although I use mainly photography. The final decision depends on the needs of the project.

I am interested in all aspects of human beings; how we are, and how we live and in
Mariona Otero
CyberArt is CyberArt and the other is the other. Petry.EU
orn 1958 in Melbourne, Australia. Moved to Greece in 1969
Lived in Chicago from 1979 to 1988, where he studied Ceramics under Dennis Mitchell and Linguistics at Northeastern Illinois University. Lives and works in Thessaloniki , Greece. His work has bee
Hector Mavrides
My artistic career began even as a toddler; encouraged by parents who are both traditional artists and who till date continue to create commissioned works for temples. My father's Guru L.C. Soni, an artist at the Maharaja's Palace in Bhuj, learnt the art Ruchin Soni
pottery for me is a silent spiritual journey, a creative discipline, a flamboyant celebration, a passionate love affair to revel in forever ! Rahul Kumar
"Gabriele's pots are articulate: they are wide in reach and deeply focussed."
Edmund de Waal
Gaby Koch
We had come from many places with varied motivations. We had caffein-ed through the night, our trucks weighted down with “the goods”; we had traveled all day, through 3 or 4 States, cartop carriers groaning under the pounds of pots which had ‘wonder’ w Dick Lehman
sal is a group of Spanish artists living and working in London.sal was created for the purpose of presenting our creative activity and our proposals to audiences in London, both to Spaniards living in Britain for whom our activities could work as a bridge Spanish Artists in London
“El fenómeno de la inspiración y de la voluntad son tales que cuando una persona desea expresar su alma, y se conmueve ante la belleza de la vida, refleja la luz de su alma en el objeto particular de su creación y en aquel conocimiento especifico.” Paola Masi
My work reflects the intricate machinery which will fall into disuse and ultimately become rusted shut. Nature has a way of shutting things down which are out of control. Constructed entirely of clay, these pieces of art are totems and mementos of a time Randolph Joslyn Silver
Somos dos ceramistes de El Bierzo Eliza y Carles. Te presentamos nuestro sitio en la web....... Taller A Noitiña
Clay2day is an unique event of superb International contempory ceramics held in the beautiful gardens of the Keukenhof castle in Lisse. An open-air showcase of 50 of the most innovative ceramic artists coming from all over Europe. A chance to see emerging Clay2Day
For over 20 years, Argilla's biannual market and meeting is part of the great rendez-vous of the summer in Provence.

This 11th edition of Argille in Aubagne is an appointment not to be missed. You will discover nearly 200 potters from here and elsewhe
Craftmen from Pays d’Aubagne
Presentation - sale on site
We are so close, come and visit us !
Potters, figurines makers, jewellery creators, sculptors, we would share with you
our art and the passion we express in our productions.

Some workshops ar
Craftsmen of Aubagne
Established in 1955, the Guild constitutes a living, organic network working together, learning together and talking together. We inspire one another, encourage and sustain one another. And in all our activities, we strive to elevate the standards of our Potters Guild of British Columbia
Art Sud, centre des Arts du Feu basé à Saint-Joseph, fondé en 1993 et dirigé par Claude Berlie-Caillat, est le creuset local des expérimentations liées à l’utilisation du basalte. La terre volcanique y est soumise à diverses étapes de recherches, qui s’éc ART SUD
Site of Colombian ceramic artist living and working in Italy. Since 2008, she is the assistant editor, “La Ceramica in Italia e nel mondo”, Italian ceramic review, Milan, Italy. Martha Pachon Rodriguez
The second issue of our magazine saw the official confirmation of our existence. Thanks to Renzo Bertaccini and his bookshop “Moby Dick”, in Faenza, we were able to present our publishing project.

On that happy occasion, with almost all our contributor
La Ceramica en Italia
Indha means different things to different women. For some, its finding a new leash of confidence, for some its financial power, for some its self-identity and to some it means becoming a pillar of strength to their family. But to most its the hope for a b Literacy India
Yo siempre voy observando y mirando a las personas, a las cosas y a la naturaleza, y eso lo plasmo en peques bocetos. Despues modelo maquetas que intentan asemejarse a lo que despues es la escultura. A partir de ah・cojo el material y empiez Angeles Valero
Clay Art Web Guide is a leading online ceramic portal serving the clay art community since 2000. We serve over 20,000 visitors a month on a wide variety of clay related topics in over 60 categories with more than 3,000 unique listings.
Clay Art Web
Spanish ceramic artist based in Valencia. A pretty good coverage of the range of work she does and the impetus behind her creativity. Cristina Guzman
I started making masks a few years ago as a result of my fascination with masks as ritual objects. This interest continues to grow and evolve as time goes on Peggy Bjerkan
The Website belonging to Steve Mills, A Potter and Pyromantic, Author of Backyard Kilns, a CD about building simple effective and reasonably Lo-Tech Kilns, for Potters who like to do their own thing! Steve Mills-Mudslinger
two sculptors and potters who also specialize in the design and construction of unique wood firing kilns. gallery and photographs included with large link section. woodfiring
Raku pottery by ceramic artist Steven Forbes-deSoule, who has worked exclusively in the medium for over 23 years. His work is defined by his unique halo/opal glaze and has been featured in magazines and galleries nationwide. Raku Pottery by Steven Forbes-deSoule
ECRP is a small multi-media production company dedicated to the proposition that human communication, for all the randomness of its inception, is, if nothing else, a dramatic opportunity.

Clearly, humans have consciousness, but only as individuals. W
East Coast Road Productions
No, this is not a regular church. It is a vehicle for raising the Eternal Question. Mr Hawes is (subject to the settlement of oustandings on his account) the Bishop of Nagoya. the Church of the Eternal Question
This is a test entry WebOneUK
An American Potter, doing a wide range of work including wood fireing and salt glazing. There are over 200 pages of ceramic information, as well as, photographs of potters, pots and pottery's on this web site. Robert Compton Pottery
this site focuses on the works and activities of potter Hadrian Mmendoza a potter who works and resides in the Philippines. headings include gallery, blog, contact, exhibits/events, pottery school, and Public Foundations hadrian mendoza
Artist in Residence at IGA 2004 (Japanese) IGA 2004
This site is about a museum dedicated to the traditional pot used for water in Spain known as "cantir" in Catalan o "botijo" in Spanish. Apart from a unique collection of pieces the museum organizes an International Ceramics Festival and has ongoing exhib Museo del Cantir
The Pottery Studio is a knowledge base for collectors, students and lovers of all kinds of pottery. The Pottery Studio
Run by Alan Ambrose and based in London UK, This site was started as a service to potters Potters.org
Site of Belgian potter Russell Fouts. It has Potters Portal which has links to more than2,300 sites related to pottery Mes Potes et Mes Pots
Raku Pottery by Dave & Boni Deal Raku Pottery
The small village of Andretta, in the Kangra valley, near the abode of the Dalhi Lamha, offers a fasinating cultural heritage and magnificent surroundings. Andretta Pottery

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