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Wali Kumar Hawes Resume

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PERSONALWali Kumar Hawes

  • Born in Mumbai, India 1952
  • Moved to Barcelona, Spain in 1981 and to Tokoname, Japan in 1992
  • Moved to Odaka Highlands in Central Japan in 2000.


  • Studies with Honors BA Sociology Keele University, England 1974-77
  • Ceramic Studies at Braintree College, England 1979-80


  • Selected - Bienal de Valles, Granollers, Spain 1990
  • Fletcher Ceramics Award, Auckland, New Zealand 1994
  • Fletcher Ceramics Award, Auckland, New Zealand 1995
  • Nisshin All Japan Noodle Bowl Competition 1995.
  • Sogetsu-kai Ikebana Bienal, Tokyo, Japan. Fine Art Award 1996
  • Mino Ceramics Competition. Honorable mention with "Beans make you fart" 1998


  • Started teaching at Ramon Fort`s Summer School. Llers, Spain 1990
  • Managing a pottery studio on the “Potter’s Path” in Tokoname 1992 - 2000
  • Artist-in-Residence at Sanskriti Kendra, New Delhi, India Indian Studio Potters. Mumbai. "Raku Firing and Paper Kilns” 1996
  • Design Center IIT Mumbai, India. Lectures and demonstrations 1996
  • Set up a major studio in the heart of Tokoname in an old factory as a center for the creative arts 1996
  • Landscape and design of house and garden in the Odaka Highlands, Mie, Japan 2000
  • Experimental Kilns and Firings/ Post-Biscuit Constructions, Espacio Ceramico,
    Vigo, Spain and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for The Canary Islands Crafts Council 2001
  • Artist-in-Residence Art-Sud, L`Isle de La Reunion. Exhibition of Studio Work, firing and construction of three Fire Trees made from paper-clay and a workshop on Experimental Firings and kiln construction 2002


1987 First construction of kilns as ceramic objects at L`H Art, Barcelona, Spain.
1989   OB`ART, Paris, France
1991   Ceramica Catalana Actual, Barcelona, Spain, Terra de l`Inde, Galleria Terre Viva, St Quentin La Poterie, France
1992   European Festival of Ceramics - Dorset, England "Fire Tree"
Museo Torre Valldovina, Barcelona, Spain. "Fire Tree"
1997   "Heart on fire", Czech-Japan Exchange, Brno, Czech Republic
1999   "Japan in India " Delhi blue Pottery, New Delhi, India
2000   Oppai Art Lab, Kyoto, Japan. Large scale installation of a poem entitled “Breasts” by Reed Gage composed of over one thousand ceramic letters.
    Major exhibition in Gallery Kyoueigama, Tokoname
    Gallery Cepica, Tokoname
    Gallery Hoenkan, Tokoname
2001   Miyabi Gallery, Nagoya with painter Niren Bhat
    Gallery Kyoueigama, Tokoname "United Clay FC"
    Gallery Circus-Circus, Kobe "Drunk at the wheel"
    Clay Omnibus with Pottery-Tech at the Design Gallery, Nagoya Design Centre.
2002   Clay Monographs Series, "Raku" in the Odaka Highlands
    Clay Monographs "Wood-Fired Spanish Lustre. Odaka Highlands Central Japan
    Aomori International Wood-Fire Festival., Goshogawara, Aomori. Japan
    ART-Sud, L`Isle de La Reunion. Fire Trees and workshop as artist-in-residence.
    Exhibition in Le Port Gallery TOHKA, Shizuoka "Bindu"
2003   Junikagetsu, Nagoya "To Tango in Tonga in Tanga"
    Raku Summit with Genya Sonobe, Sinano Tojiki Centre, Seto Gallery Kawarabanya, Seto.
    Raku Work "Clay Jam" in Komono with Miquel Vazquez & Emilia Guimerans
    Wysing Arts, Cambridge. UK. artist-in-residence Fire Trees
    Sumi Gallery, Nagoya
2004   IV Festival Internacional du Films sur la Ceramique, Montpellier, France
    The film about the Fire Trees L'Arbre du Voyager is awarded le Prix d'ArgilleI
    II International Festival of Ceramics in Nigran, Pontevedra Spain
    "Japan close to you" with Japanese artists. Demonstrates Experimental Firings
    Artist-in-Residence at Iga, Mie-ken. Japan Builds Fire Tree and also runs workshops where The Paper Kiln is a great hit!
    Spanish Lustres and Soda Firing at The Sanskriti Kendra, Delhi organized by Delhi Blue.
    May at Gallery Toen, Shigaraki. Japan
    June. Selected for the Fuji Bienal at The Nakatomi Museum of Fine Craft, Yamanashi, Japan
    November at The Paramita Museum. The Contemporary Vessel
2005   Exhibition with Priya Sen at The Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai, India
    Exhibition at Kisseki, Nagoya, Japan
    Firebrand in the hills of The Odaka Highlands. Clay Monograph Series.
    Demonstration International Festival of Ceramics, Aberstwyth, UK


  • 1993 - Brighton Arts Festival, England.
  • 1993 - Bienal Europeo de Ceramica, Manises, Spain.
  • 1993 - Kyoto Arts Festival, Kyoto, Japan. Installation
  • 1997 -"Yoko" Paperclay dragon. Onomachi Dragon Festival, Japan


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Also have been mentioned in

"El Pais", "El Periodico", "Midi-Libre", "Times of India", "Chunichi Shinbun", " La Revue de la ceramique et du verre", "Ceramic ART" and in "Japanzine", May 2001 (Japan).


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