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I'm often asked for help - and I'm happy to give it. These are some of the questions I have been asked about various things.

Paper Clay Resource

Charlotte Reed asks:

Dear Sir,

I am a ceramic sculpture student in my senior year at Northern Kentucky University.

I was doing some investigation into paper kilns as a possible research project and was directed to your website. I was fascinated by your work with paper clay. I would like to learn more about your work and the process of firing sculpture made from paper clay. Can you direct me to some resources?


Charlotte Reed

Wali Answers:

Thank you for your interest in my work.

There are a couple of things that you talk about and I am not sure if you want information about paper kilns or paper clay or both.

I suppose Graham Hay is possibly the best when it comes to Paper Clay.

Also I have a DVD which covers the process quite well. It is to do with the building and firing of some Fire Trees on the Island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean. The film (15mins) was presented at the International Festival of Films on Ceramics in France 2004. I can send you a copy if you wish. It is $25 which includes postage and packing.

The Paper Clay that I used in Reunion had olivine and basalt mixed in. Reunion is a volcanic island. .

Best wishes with your project.

Wali Hawes

PS I don`t know if you know any Portuguese but if you go through the potters on this site you can find people working with Paper Clay.


You need to go to Ceramica da Vez then scroll down to the potter called Claudia Eugenia Matarazzo. To go to Ceramica da Vez maybe you need to click on Workshops, Cursos etc.


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