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Raku Kiln

Raku Weekend -
A Raku Workshop

A Raku Weekend will be held on April 28 - 29 in the hills of the Odaka Highlands, Mie, Japan.

Continuing in the Clay Monograph Series we will be once again offering a workshop on Raku. Build and fire wood, gas and oil kilns for Raku, Raku Glazes and that fantastic Copper Ruby Lustre, Naked raku, Fast-Fire Salt and more

Build and fire, wood, gas, and oil kilns for raku, clay bodies, raku glazes, naked raku,
fast-fire salt,copper matt and more.

For more information contact:

Wali by Email or

Ito Atsuko (Japanese) 0593-96-5084

Wood Fired Raku Kiln


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