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Takahiro Kondo at The Paramita Museum

From the 2nd Jan through to the 31st of March at The Paramita Museum an exhibition of work by Takahiro Kondo "Metamorphose" is being held.. The exhibition propaganda carries this sub-title....."....(He.sic) Continues to develop in new and innovative ways while at the same time revisiting key themes and traditions." Well, maybe if you know nothing about his work and can trace  his trajectory through the pieces on display. The main body of work was basically a series of totem like structures laterally divided by glass pieces. The finishing of the ceramic part was basically a continuation of the work presented at the museum about three years ago (though I stand to be corrected!) This was his technique to apply a platinum lustre over the glazed clay body creating an effect as if covered in dew. At times heavy application caused the "dew" to drop. Ok  McKay-Big deal we have seen this before and OK McKay there were certain variations on a theme but BIG DEAL. There are hundreds of brilliant potters and/or Ceramic Artists and to get the same guy to show his work again is a total waste of time and only encourages the elitism and stagnation so current in Japanes Contemporary Ceramics. There is only one way the cuarators/managers of the museum will understand their short-sighted perspective on ceramics and that is nobody bothers to visit the museum or its exhibits and it it becomes what it is-A MUSEUM!



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