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Clay and Fuse - Led by Wali Hawes

The great thing about this workshop which will be held on the 8th-9th May is that it will take place in the magnificent setting of 
The Centre for Contemporary Art in Calders
Just north of Barcelona it is a new centre that opens its doors to artists from all over the world as a centre for creativity and critical art which is conscious and aware of the situation of our planet.
Within this framework we include "Clay & Fuse" as a first step towards an approach in bringing together Contemporary Art and Ancient Wisdom as a way of adquiring new methods of acting responsibly. The workshop content is about using what we have of Natural Resources and a responsible use of ceramic materials and how Fire can be used as a concept and action in the practice of Contermporary Art.

For more information contact Wali or Mercè Jara Muns, Cultural Assistant - see www.cacis.cat


Summer Courses & Events 2008

'Raku Weekend' Clay Monograph Series.

21st-22nd June 2008
Hills of The Odaka Highlands, Mie-ken. Japan
e-mail;- walipots@hotmail.com

'Sculpture Kilns'

26th-27th July 2008
Arsenal Escola Municipal d'Art, Esplugues de Llobregat, (Barcelona)
e-mail;- escola@arsenal.com

'Firings Extraordinaires'

4th-8th August and 11th-15th August 2008
Centre de Formation aux Arts Ceramique,
Limousin, France
e-mail;- patcassone@hotmail.fr

Embarrarte 2008-Fire Trees'

Ceramic Festival in Spain
1st-6th Sept 2008
Ponferrada, Leon, Spain
e-mail;- gerardoqueipo@hotmail.com

*Experimental Firings'

15th-20th September, 2008
Escola-Taller Ramon Fort
Llers, (Girona) Spain
e-mail;- info@ramonfort.com

Workshop Program 2007

Raku Weekend
April 15 - 16, Odaka Highlands, Mie, Japan.

Raku Weekend - More Info

Workshop Program 2006

Wraku Your Brains - A Raku Workshop
April 15 - 16, Odaka Highlands, Mie, Japan.

Wali Hawes at Sacred Heart, Tokyo.
Differing Approaches to Design

** More Info **

Worshop Program 2005

Experimental Firing Techniques
Escola Taller Ramon Fort
LLers, Spain
24th-30th July

  • Kilns built from a shopping trolley, Mangagama (comicbooks), Tin drums, The Wall, fast-fire anagama and loads more.
  • Decorative techniques covers terra siggilata, metalic salts, post-firing intervention, use of various combustibles and paperclay

info- www.ramonfort.com

International Ceramics Festival
Aberstwyth, Wales 1st-3rd July 2005

Festival with a host of international artists covering demonstrations, firings, lectures and events.
Info: www.internationalceramicsfestival.co.uk

Raku Weekend 19th-20th March 2005

In the hills of The Odaka Highlands

  • Building of wood, gas and oil fired kilns for raku.
  • Clay bodies suitable for Raku.
  • Glazes and slip resist-Naked Raku, Copper matt, Fast-Fire Salt (Salt Glazing Raku Style) Post-Firing Intervention .
  • Decorating the piece while still red hot.
  • Saturday evening is a visit to the onsen and and "Artist Talk" by a local potter.

Cost:-18,000 yen covers materials, board and lodging.

Info: email Wali

Worshop Program 2004

Spanish Lustres and Soda Firing
6th-16th December 2004

Sanskriti Kendra, Delhi
Spanish Lustres gas fired. Course covers clay bodies, glazes and reduction firing techniques. Soda Firing. Kiln building and gas fired soda firing. Clay and Glazes (liners), decorative techniques and use of metalic salts for soda firing.
Organized by Delhi Blue Trust

Firebrand 24th - 25th April 2004

7th in the series of Clay Monographs will deal with the building and firing of the following kilns:-

  • wood fired bottle kiln
  • paper kiln
  • the wall
  • anagama-type paper kiln

Wood-fired bottle kiln.

The bottle kiln originates from Stoke-on-Trent in England. See Gladstone Pottery site.
But since 1980 I have built and fired many such kilns in the UK, Spain and India. We will build and wood fire glaze pottery with slips with this type of kiln.

Paper Kiln

This is the true paperkiln. Wood-fired we experiment with different types of combustibles, terra sigilatta, burnishing and slips.

The Wall

A kiln built in the form of a long, hollow wall is wood fired. The "wall" acts as a form of large "Sagger". Surface treatment and the use of coal play a significant part in this firing.

Anagama Type Paper Kiln

Following on from some work being done here in Japan we will be building a kiln not unlike an anagama in principle but using the "paper kiln" technique in the construction.

Other areas of work include suitable types of clays for firing, slips, terra sigilatta, glazes and surface treatment.

For further information contact Wali Hawes

Worshop Program 2003

  • "Raku Weekend" dates May 3-4, May 24-25, November 1-2
  • " Fire Trees" July 19-21
  • "Experimental Firings"October 11-12

Experimental Firings

This workshop dealt with how kilns become part of and integreted into the creative process. We do not forget the pieces but the kilns are almost as important and how we fire and what results we achieve are on equal par.

Very often the kilns are purpose built and of a transitory nature. Take "Le Four Mobile" built from a shopping trolley and can be wheeled around, or the "mangagama" built from comic books and a whole host of others. Various combustibles and surface treatment allow to explore endless possibilities.


Raku has come along way since Chojiro. Whilst in Japan Raku continues in its own unique course mainly directed towards Tea Bowls for the Tea Ceremony

Outside Japan a whole new panorama of expression has developed. However in the Raku that we do not only is kiln building an essential part-oil, gas and wood kilns mainly but also glazes and surface techniques like Naked Raku.

I also stress the need to learn from both expressions and to explore so that we can develop new forms of creativity as is the case of Fast-Fire Salt and" In-Situ" Firings. Fast-Fire Salt should not be confused with salt effects because we are talking of salt glazing pieces but in the raku style.

More information on the Raku Weekend can be found on Pottery Tech here and on Clay Monographs here. Fire Trees workshop

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