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Unconfined potter


Wali Hawes 06/09/1952 - 04/08/2014 Unconfined potter.

Wali sadly lost his cancer battle and died peacefully with his family with him on 4th August 2014.

Wali Hawes

Wali was best known for his construction of kilns (just one area of his many talents) - including the magnificent Dragon kiln and his 'Fire Trees'.

He will be very much missed by all his international friends and family. This website will be maintained as a fitting tribute to his pioneering, innovative, imaginative and unconfined pottery.

"I did not know Wali all that well, but his charm and enthusiasm were infectious and I feel as many others will, a sense of personal loss. I knew him best from his construction of kilns (just one area of his many talents) – including the wonderful Dragon kiln and his ‘Fire Trees’. The humour and the excitement he brought to the ceramics world will be sadly missed and I offer my and studiopottery.co.uk’s condolences to Georgina, his wider family and all those who will miss him so much." Stephen Dee Studio Pottery


"I was born in India, went to college in England, studied pottery in Spain, and moved to Japan.

I suppose this exposure has given me a varied perspective on things.

My work is eclectic and refuses to be confined to one style or mode."

Wali Hawes working on pottery and kiln building

Wali at Wysing Arts Centre

Courtesy of Anglia Television, a copy of a news item from July 2003 Give it a moment to upload and the clip starts about 5 seconds after hitting play.

New Directions in Ceramics

New Directions in Ceramics

Wali's fantastic flying kilns are mentioned in the book New Directions in Ceramics by Jo Dahn

New Directions in Ceramics explores and responds to contemporary ceramists' use of innovative modes of practice, investigating how change is happening and interpreting key works. Jo Dahn provides an overview of the current ceramics landscape, identifying influential exhibitions, events and publications, to convey a flavour of debates at a time when much about the character of ceramics is in a state of flux. What non-traditional activities does the term 'ceramics' now encompass? How have these practices developed and how have they been accommodated by institutions in Britain and internationally?

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The Firehand

This was Wali's last project, undertaken in 2013

Gladstone 2013 - fired up!

The building tells its stories... a performance event in the courtyard of Gladstone Pottery 13 September 2013 - Weaving original words from pottery workers, with poetry music and dance celebrating the Gladstone site and the pottery industry of Stoke-on-Trent, UK

Gladstone 2013 Fired Up! was a year-long community project culminating in a performance celebrating the pottery industry of Stoke-on-Trent.

"Our condolences to Wali's family on their loss - a lovely, funny man who kept us laughing through the stressful run up to the performance this time last year.

We hope that our celebration of the relocation of Wali's last project, the Gladstone Firehand will do him proud." - Wendy Davies, Project Manager of the Gladstone Fired Up!

Video of the Gladstone Fired Up

Building Kilns Drum Kiln
Letter Soup Minarette


Flying Fire Kilns!

This is one of my flying fire kilns on youtube.

L'Arbre du Voyageur

A film featuring Wali made on the isle of La Reunion

Connected Communities Festival: Gladstone 2013 - Fired Up!

Wali's piece is shown at 53 minutes into the video

Raku Workshop

New Raku Workshop

Raku Workshop for students of pottery, art educators, artists and designers - Japan

Wali Hawes in BAITG

A Japanese Tea Ceremony

La Hora es bona......Eve Ariza & Wali Hawes

Kumano-san`s Cabin

A Visit to a Japanese Hospital




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